Bethesda Showcase – Maryland 2016

The Vermont based Genesis Football Club Academy Team wrapped up their final competitive match of 2016 on Long Island, NY last weekend.
The girls played in the top flight in the highly competitive U16 (2001) Massapequa Showcase.
The team played in the U16 group with only three actual U16 age players on their roster and two of the three U16’s not playing due to injury.
During the final match against the event winner, Manhattan SC, the GFC girls held their own stringing passes together in a 0-0 tie until a late mistake during build up from the back cost GFC the game 1-0.
“Never before has a female team from Vermont played in the Bethesda Showcase (Maryland) then Boston and then top flight play on Long Island”.
“The experience has opened the players and supporters eyes in terms of what they must do to compete at the highest level. This string of top events has
also given them belief that with increased dedication to the sport and commitment to proper training they can compete and win against highly ranked teams,” commented Genesis FC Director Hugh Brown.
Female teams from Vermont do not have a history of success on a Regional or National level.
Genesis FC is working hard to change this and put Vermont on the girls soccer map.