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The 2016 Synergy Football Club Alumni Legacy Night & Games

The 2016 Synergy Football Club Alumni Legacy Night & Games (December, 29 2016 – Vermont)
Huge success, Great night with so many incredible players/leaders coming in from across the country.
After catching up with each other the alumni went thru a 20 minute training session with Coach Hugh followed by a round robin format of games for 90 minutes.
After the games everyone circled up to talk about the Synergy Ways of leadership, genuineness, values and goal setting.
The group also paid tribute to fallen players Max Elliot and Jacob Gorton and everyone renewed their vows to honor these men by going all out everyday.
The group acknowledged SFC Alumni Theo Weaver (USMC) and Hunter Pelkey (Army) and commended them for stepping up to serve and defend the freedom and vision of the USA.
“The Synergy Culture is unique and the club has provided a platform to produce these highly motivated, genuine, compassionate, humble, grateful and gifted people”, commented SFC Director & Founder Hugh Brown.
The Legacy and the Future of the Synergy Football Club Alumni is impressive!
See you all again in 2017.
Heart-Soul-SFC ….