Maryland May 25-29

Mixed results from the Synergy (Boys) and Genesis (Girls) FC Teams in Maryland May 25-29.

(SFC and GFC Players from age 8 thru 19 were competing in Maryland from May 25-29).

The Synergy FC U13 Academy Team beat Maryland in the semifinals on Sunday to advance to the Finals in Columbia, Maryland on Monday. The 13”s dropped 1-0 in the final to Virginia on a controversial goal that seemed to defy the offsides rules of football.

“All weekend long the difference between winning and losing came down to very small details and fractions, frustrating and enlightening at the same time” commented SFC/GFC Director Hugh Brown.

“It is never easy for any team from any state to advance/win at a national level or regional level event, like Potomac or Columbia (Maryland), … when you come from a tiny market, like Vermont, and when you have a blend of birth years, it means you have to train at a high level everyday and then every player must bring his/her best every minute of every game, in order to compete. If a player looses concentration or takes a bad touch it can all end very quickly against tough teams/players.”

“We only have 3, 4 or 5 true age group players on the field at anytime against teams that roster 18 true age group kids, not a problem if you are fully prepared and ready to move the ball fast, mark tightly and stay organized as a group, but this means every detail and every player is 100% on board. There is a reason you will not see small market teams at major events, it is extremely demanding and not for everyone.”

“The value of getting out there and competing against Maryland, Virginia, Pennslyvania, New Jersey based teams is high, no easy games, highly competitive players, coaches, teams and even spectators, this is how you grow, get out of your comfort zone, take your lumps, learn and then get ready to do it again.”

The SFC/GFC Way is Excellence, Courage, Passion, Wisdom and Honor.


Synergy Team