Medal Round Team Photo Crop

Synergy FC ’92/’93 Team flashback – “Simply the Best”

Synergy Football Club flashback from 2010 in Orlando, Florida at the Disney Showcase with the most successful team in the history of Vermont soccer – hands down – the SFC ’92/’93 Team.
This team was a powerhouse in Region I for eight years and competed in National level events while beating some of the best teams from across the United States along the way.
2 x US Youth Soccer Region I Championship Group Winner/Semifinalist and 3 x Runner Up.
4 x Medalist at Disney Showcase (Orlando)
US Club Soccer National Championship – Finalist (Silver Medal)(Virginia Beach – 2010)
DR. Pepper 2009 Dallas Cup (Frisco, Texas)

“This Team fought and played all out with Heart and Soul – day in and day out and year after year and put Vermont Soccer on the Map. Along the way they showed everyone what is possible, even if you are coming from one of the smallest soccer markets in the entire country,” commented SFC Director/Founder Hugh Brown.
“This was a group of guys that became brothers and they put fear in the hearts of many, many teams over the years with their intensity for the game. No other team in the history of Vermont soccer has even come close to the heights of what this team and these players accomplished and believe me we have tried, hard, year after year.”
“Love runs very deep for this special group – going all the way back to 2005 and every player that ever played on this team. You all are the reason that Hugh Brown started the Synergy Football Club – what an incredible impact this has made on so many over the years!” HB

We are Heart, We are Soul, We are Excellence, We are Courage, We are Passionate – We are Synergy!