Excellence, Courage, Passion, Wisdom and Honor – These are not just words on paper to the Players and Coaches at the Synergy Football Club – they serve as a real-time guide for their day to day decisions and actions both On and Away from the field. A "Synergy Man" walks with a purpose and lives by the code that lies within these core values. Synergy Football Club was created by Players for Players – The Players Always come First at SFC – No Other Agendas and No Club Politics – Only Pure Player Development On and Away from the Field.


The Synergy Football Club was officially formed in November of 2005 with a total of 23 players comprising two Premier Teams - U12 Premier Boys and U13 Premier Boys.
By the end of the 2005/2006 playing year three additional players signed with the club bringing the total number of SFC players to 26. Twelve of these players played on the U12 Team and Fourteen played on the U13 team.
"In 2005/2006 the U12 and U13 age groups played with the 11 v 11 format so each team played with very limited substitutions throughout the year, in fact, many games were played by the U12 team without any substitutions," comments from SFC Founder Hugh Brown. The limited amount of players did not hamper the success of these teams as both teams ended up at the 2006 US Youth Soccer Regional Championships in Virginia Beach, Virginia – July 2006. The SFC U13 Team went on to win their group at the Region I Championships making them the first team in Vermont soccer history to advance to the medal round at this event. Since 2005/2006 the club has grown from the youngest age group (U10 Academy) each year and currently fields six Premier Teams with 100 Players – males age 7 thru 19. (See Teams Tab for more information on the SFC 2011/2012 Teams).


The word Synergy comes from the combination of two words Synchronized + Energy = Synergy During the early fall of 2005 a group of highly motivated and dedicated Players and Parents approached a highly dedicated and motivated Coach, Hugh Brown, in order to discuss the possibility of starting their own club. These Players and Parents were seeking the optimal football and life experiences and asked Hugh if he would be willing to take on this challenge. The Synchronization of the Energy between these exceptional Players, Parents and Coach gave birth to the Synergy Football Club – the rest is history.


Developing Technically Superior Players is the number one priority at the Synergy Football Club. Technical Training is a major part of every training session at SFC from the U10 Academy Sessions thru the SFC U19 Team Training. "If a player does not have the ability to pass, receive and turn under pressure then it is impossible to play good football. Excellent football comes from excellent technique so at SFC we spend an extraordinary amount of time on the technical development of our players," commented SFC Director Hugh Brown.


The mission of Synergy Football Club and Hugh Brown, Director of Synergy FC, is to provide the best possible football experience to every player and family and, in turn, become the Premier Player Development club in the State, Region and Nation


A vision to create a professional, healthy and positive environment, which will allow players the opportunity to reach their optimal level of playing all aspects of the game: Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psychological. Integrated in this is the building and enhancement of character, passion for the game, levels of self-esteem, self-confidence, team work, respect for others and all the inherent benefits of leading a disciplined and balanced athletic Lifestyle.


Every Player in the Synergy System is taught the value of possession and how important it is to play technical/possession oriented football rather than a "kick and run" style. Total Player Development and the style of play associated with possession oriented football is the Synergy Way. "At SFC we have a system for technically training our players and every SFC team is taught to play with similar tactical ideas, which are based on the ability to keep the ball, and play with a certain rhythm and a fierce competitive spirit. We believe in the Long-Term Development of our players ...learning how to compete and learning what it takes to win are important parts of the game, but we know that excellent results will come if our players are trained properly over the long-term," comments from H. Brown. Players at SFC are trained to stay calm, play out of pressure in all parts of the field and maintain technique and vision no matter what the circumstance. These teachings translate into an attractive style of football that is enjoyable to watch and play and in the long run elevates the Synergy FC teams and players to the highest levels of football.